What do we do?

Keeping full accounting

Our experienced team of professionals will take care of your accounting processing in the following areas:

a) Keeping full accounting (commercial books, books of account) including:

  • the current record of business transactions (VAT registers, VAT returns, VAT-EU)
  • record of fixed assets and intangible assets, equipment
  • settlement of income tax
  • preparation and delivering to the Tax Office monthly or quarterly VAT returns
  • settlement of intra-Community transactions (WNT) and intra-Community supplies (WDT)
  • preparation declarations intrastate
  • preparation of statistical reports to the Central Statistical Office
  • preparation of balance sheet and income statement, cash flow statement and preparation of additional information
  • control of payables and receivables

b) Keeping a lump sum on registered revenue including:

  • record for the purposes of VAT
  • record revenue, sales
  • record of fixed assets
  • preparation and delivering to the Tax Office VAT returns, VAT EU, taxes application (PIT)
  • preparation of statistical reports to the Central Statistical Office

c) Keeping the tax records of income and expenditures including:

  • record for the purposes of VAT
  • record revenue, sales
  • record of fixed assets
  • preparation and delivering to the Tax Office VAT returns, VAT EU, taxes application (PIT)
  • preparation of statistical reports to the Central Statistical Office
  • preparation to the Tax Office annual taxes application PIT36 and PIT36L

d) Personnel and payroll services including:

  • keeping personal records
  • preparation of payroll, accounts for the contract order
  • calculation of leave, severance and cash equivalents, sick leave
  • calculation of remuneration for work at night and overtime
  • preparation and delivering to the Central Statistical Office reports on personnel data
  • preparation and delivering declarations to Health Insurance-ZUS (payer in electronic form)
  • calculation of income tax payments of employees, preparation of transfers to the Tax Office and Health Insurance-ZUS
  • preparation of taxes application PIT11 and PIT8D
  • reconciliation business trips domestic and foreign

e) Additional services:

  • preparing financial analyzes
  • consultancy accounting and book-keeping
  • the development of accounting policy and company account plan
  • costing of products, goods and services
  • budgeting
  • preparation of loan applications

Assistance in establishing a new business

  • assistance in establishing a new business
  • advising on forms of business, choose a form of taxation
  • services with organizational and legal aspects of starting a business (Health Insurance-ZUS, US, KRS)

Tax optimization

Our team specializes in helping business entities to optimize the tax. We prepare for Your needs ownership scheme including various types of business entities in the country and abroad.

We will organize the opening of the company outside the country and take care of complex legal and accounting services of company.

We have a number of offices in many countries, both within the EU and beyond.

This helps to create a functioning structure of your business that allows for the best use of the potential of the company at the same time as the largest tax optimization.

Registration of a company outside of Polish borders often brings many benefits to businesses. Among other things, it minimizes costs, tax optimization, and also gives you the ability to optimize labor costs, gives access to skilled workers and mainly expands business to meet new international markets.

Legal consultancy in economic law and labor law

Our experts will help you to choose the most effective legal form of the company to the type of business and optimize forms of hiring employees.

Consultancy of visa requirements for foreigners wishing to come to Polish and Polish citizens wishing to travel through the countries of the former Commonwealth of Independent States

We provide comprehensive services foreigners. We assist in completing all formalities related to the stay in Poland. We mediate and help in dealing with:

  • Legalization of residence and employment of foreigners in Poland
  • Work permit
  • The residence card
  • Schengen visas, extension of the Schengen visa in Poland
  • Visas to the States from outside the Schengen agreement
  • A temporary residence permit in the Republic of Poland for citizens of non-EU
  • Permission to settle in Poland
  • Permission for long-term resident of the European community
  • Residence permits for citizens of the European Union
  • Registration for citizen of the European Union
  • Residence permanent permits for EU citizens

We also help for Polish citizens in obtaining visas for the countries of the former CIS

Consultancy on the markets of the former Commonwealth of Independent States

The company has been created in order to help you to get professional commercial contacts in the eastern countries and the countries of the former CIS. We have many years of experience in the Eastern markets, extensive contacts both in the area private and public. Our employees originated from these countries and speaks Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Tajik, Kazakh and Arabic. In addition, we have many representatives in the countries of the former CIS and the Middle East.

Providing training in accounting and human resources

Our highly qualified team of specialists leaded by Agnieszka Stępniewska long-time lecturer and practice provides training in:

  • HR and payroll
  • from the ground up for self-accountant

In addition to the needs of our customers we can deliver training on any subject in accounting and human resources.

Office for which no boundaries
We comprehensive financial services to companies from all over the world!

About us

Our team consists of people with the necessary qualifications to carry out the accounting office under the leadership of long-time practice and lecturers of universities in the field of accounting and taxation and international accounting.

We're working on software fully adapted to the requirements of the applicable tax laws and Accounting Act (Comarch Optima). We use modern solutions for e-accounting (the ability to preview your documents in the accounting system).

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From 1st of July 2015 there was a change in the right to deduct VAT on fuel purchased for cars. Entrepreneurs, which uses vehicles for mixed purposes, or both for their business and private, who have not yet deducting VAT on fuel purchased currently are entitled to deduct from this account 50% of VAT.

Changes in VAT

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